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Accessible design, the basics

A well-designed accessible website contributes to a better user experience for everyone. So, if you are a digital designer and you want to learn how to create strong accessible designs according to current guidelines? Then you’ve come to the right place! Cyber Week Deal: 50% off (24/11/20 - 30/11/20)
As a designer, you have an important task when it comes to clearly transmitting information to the visitor. Of course you want to provide the user with an impressive visual experience. But did you know that not everyone sees those beautiful colours in your design? And that in some cases a screen reader is used to read a website out loud. Also, did you know that moving images or animations can make some people feel dizzy?
It is important as a designer to be aware of the different ways in which someone can visit a website. Therefore in this course you will learn how you can design for high accessibility when it comes to:
  • use of colour and typography;
  • navigating within a website;
  • forms, animations and modals;
  • and you learn why the order of elements in your design is so important.
Are you ready to learn more about accessible design and become an even better designer? Then this course is perfect for you!

Topics covered in this course

  • 13. Main takeaways

Meet your trainer

Andrée Lange

Andrée Lange has almost ten years of experience working as a digital designer at several agencies. At heart she is a true UX and visual designer. In recent years she has specialised in web accessibility. And more specific: in accessible design.

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