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Masterclass Web Accessibility; the business case

Running a business means taking risks sometimes. Do you want to know which risks you can prevent by making your website or webshop accessible and what opportunities this gives you in return? Enroll in this masterclass and find out!

When it comes to Web Accessibility, there are so many opportunities for your business that you can embrace. And, probably even more important, there are many threats for your business that you can prevent. Accessible websites or webshops do not only have a positive impact on those who are disabled. They can have a positive impact on you as a business owner as well as it can help increase income and save costs.

In this masterclass we will provide you with insights about the business case for Web Accessibility. We will therefore zoom in on the way an accessible website or webshop might increase income, save money and helps to mitigate risk.

Ready to be convinced? Enroll now!

Meet your trainer

Taeke Reijenga

Taeke Reijenga has extensive experience with the business side of Web Accessibility. As CEO of the full service digital agency Level Level, he has managed in a short amount of time to get his entire team on board when it comes to including web accessibility in their workflow.